How we got a patent for our software

As you know, when you create an original idea or product, it is important that you register it in the patent office.  We knew this was our next step but we also knew it was going to take some investment.  As a startup, even though this is an expenditure, you must see it as an investment.

You really do not want your idea to sail adrift on the risk of getting lost.  So we started the paperwork to patent our software.  The first thing we realized was that the process required some hard thinking and putting together a lot of things.  It really was a complicated process!  At least that is what it seemed.

Time to turn to a professional

This is when we decided that we needed professional help.  Some of the reasons we decided this were:

  • Saves time.  We actually made a balance between investment of money and time and we judged that this wast the best call.
  • Guarantee of a good job. We needed to be sure that the whole result was going to be what we were expecting.  When it comes to patents, you must look into details.  The office will usually take some time to evaluate your petition and they will probably call you for any missing detail.
  • The best service is a professional one and that is exactly what we needed.

When it came to selecting the firm that will run our service, we went for Nexus Law.  Their service was very professional and efficient.  We felt like our boat, after almost going adrift and hitting the rocks, was now navigating safely.

The amount of time that we saved was also pretty good for us.  Our lawyer came in and gave us some valuable advice on those things that might not seem important but then are in the long run.  Also, he took the job of putting together all the paperwork in place to take it to the office.

What we got

With this whole patent process, we found out that detail is important.  Turning an original draft into a formal draft is definitively the job of a good lawyer.

The collection of papers and organization of them took our lawyer several days.  We had to wait an approximate 15 days to get our response.  No problem was reported at the patents office.  This gives us the idea that our lawyer’s experience in these regards was a positive thing to us.

Our software is now well protected.  We hold the rights to the idea and if somebody wants to make something like it, they will have to ask for the copyright to us.

Why your company should consider building a custom app to manage finances

We are living in times where everything is moving pretty fast.  Communications, technology, transportation, and finances are rapidly evolving in a world where the learning curve becomes less and less steep.  As an evolving company yourself, you must evolve along with the world.

This is only one of the many reasons why we believe you should consider building a custom mobile application to manage your finances.  Banks and other corporations pride themselves with becoming more practical to their clients.  This keeps them updated and relevant.

Building a custom app to manage finances is a must for many reasons.  First, you must make sure to hire the services of the best mobile app development Vancouver to assist you.

Your company and a mobile app

How would this mobile app help you with your company?  Let us take a look at some palpable reasons:

  • Versatility.  You need to be able to perform complicated operations in order to keep the company not only afloat but rising all the time.  This is achieved through the correct application of complicated algorithms sometimes.  A mobile app should do this fast and accurately.
  • Time saver.  Everything mentioned above will ultimately help you save time.  As we said at the beginning, in a rapidly-moving  and ever-advancing world, time becomes a very valuable asset.  Saving some will eventually reap your company benefits.
  • No room for mistakes.  Errors in administration have cost companies thousands of dollars.  Using a mobile app dramatically reduces errors in calculations.  Now, keep in mind that the potential error in inputting data cannot be eliminated with an app.  However, the need for inputting data all the time is also reduced.
  • Practicality.  One of the great things that people love about mobile applications is that you can work on them while you are outside the office.   This allows corporates and employees participate in development processes in an asynchronous way without having to be inside a room in the office.
  • It gets the job done. If built carefully, a mobile app to manage finances should be a success and not a nightmare.  Calculation algorithms should be due verified.
  • Helps your company to stay trendy.  Image means a lot these days in which we are being bombarded by myriads of creative images all around.  So, being able to grasp the attention of a small group of people actually goes a long what when the efforts multiply.

Get your mobile app now!

So, it is time for you to get yourself a mobile application and start collecting the benefits.  There is nothing like resting assured that your application is already taking care of labor force, extra payment, and all other financial processes.

Why we hired a business coach BEFORE we launched our product

The simple question to that is that we had no idea what we were going to do.  Now, we all know that there are many businesses out there that start by themselves all of a sudden and with no business coaching.  But trusting in chance and good luck was not what we were willing to bargain for.

So we decide that, if we were going to start the correct way, we were going to get ourselves a coach.

Why a business coach?

These were the main reasons why we decided to hire a business coach before launching our product:

  • The first thing that concerned us was that our software was not a product nobody had done before.  So, in our best of our efforts, we really wanted a product that would do things differently.
  • We needed a solid strategy to not only tap into people’s needs but offer real solutions to those needs.
  • We felt we really needed help to do all the field studies, surveys, etc.
  • Starting strong meant that we needed someone with the necessary expertise. I believe this was one of the strongest reasons, if not the strongest, why we decided to go for an expert.  Our eyes shone with glee at the thought of all the experience we could get from a seasoned business coach.
  • The other important aspect about a business coach that we could not less than value was the connections she could offer.  We were like the new kids in the neighborhood but we really wanted to come in as we already knew how to move around.
  • Probably one of the things that most businesses go on with is debt. We had heard it from businesses before.  Being in debt is definitively not something that we were prepared for and we truly wanted to prevent instead of heal. Of course, we are now aware that there are some days in which it rains a lot and others when there is scorching drought.  The trick is to know how to save during the days of the fat cows so that we do fine during the days of skinny cows.

Benefits of hiring a coach before starting business

We can´t even start thanking our business coach and the savviness in hiring one.  Our start was maybe not as strong as we had wanted.  I point that to the fact that maybe we wanted to go too strong.   Nevertheless, thanks to our coaching, we learned to lean on ourselves and our own strategies to stay afloat.

We did enter the neighborhood with confidence and we learned many things along the way.  Because, you see, in business, you learn a lot from your mistakes too. Oh, and one important thing we learn is to always have a contingency plan.

So, if you are starting a business or plan to launch a product, we could not recommend you more to get the best business help from a professional.  You will definitively see returns on that investment pretty soon.

How marketing increased the sale of our products by 50%

When your sales are not reporting after your hard investment, it is probably time to sit and reimagine your whole sales strategy.  In my case, I was concerned that my hard efforts were not getting there.  You see, financial software is what I do and this is an item with enormous potential for growth.  So, you can imagine my deep concern that I was just not reaching my goals.

My own strategy

Usually, when you start a business, you want to cover as much as you can with the little you have.  You see, a startup begins with a vision and with a strong desire to succeed.  Sometimes we go far and beyond to get things done.  People would usually tell me that having a business meant going through during thick and thin. Well, I was only seeing the “thin” and the “thick” was nowhere to be seen.

So, I decided to take things by myself.  I had heard that social media is a great tool so I opened a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other network you can think of.  I was planning on going strong!

So, I placed my first Facebook post and I was proud of it.  Placing a picture on Instagram was a challenge and don´t even get me started on the only YouTube video I could muster at the time.   And time passed by.

A change

Little did I know that my efforts were so futile.  I thought that a YouTube video of me explaining my awesome services would suffice.  My three Insta-pics were pretty nice and it showed a desk with a circular coffee stain,  some pens, and a cell phone. Is there anything better than this.

As time went by, I realized I was not seeing results.  Now, when you engage yourself in such endeavor, resilience is one characteristic you develop. So I was determined to do something about this. I thought, “do i need to hire a marketing company?”.

I realized it was time for me to get some real and professional marketing support. This service seemed pricey for me at the time.  But then I learned that there are some investments that are worth the effort and I finally gave it a go.

My results

The marketing plan that was placed before me was so inclusive and extensive that I was lost for words.  And all this time I had been thinking that I was doing it right!  The strategy involved not only social media, but fliers, spots, and so many other things.

But then, you want to hear about the results. Let me just tell you that not only this was a good investment, it was the best I had ever made.  After only four months or so, my business had increased by 50%.  That is pretty impressive if you ask me.  Now we are one of the strongest and most reliable financial software and data company.

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