When your sales are not reporting after your hard investment, it is probably time to sit and reimagine your whole sales strategy.  In my case, I was concerned that my hard efforts were not getting there.  You see, financial software is what I do and this is an item with enormous potential for growth.  So, you can imagine my deep concern that I was just not reaching my goals.

My own strategy

Usually, when you start a business, you want to cover as much as you can with the little you have.  You see, a startup begins with a vision and with a strong desire to succeed.  Sometimes we go far and beyond to get things done.  People would usually tell me that having a business meant going through during thick and thin. Well, I was only seeing the “thin” and the “thick” was nowhere to be seen.

So, I decided to take things by myself.  I had heard that social media is a great tool so I opened a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other network you can think of.  I was planning on going strong!

So, I placed my first Facebook post and I was proud of it.  Placing a picture on Instagram was a challenge and don´t even get me started on the only YouTube video I could muster at the time.   And time passed by.

A change

Little did I know that my efforts were so futile.  I thought that a YouTube video of me explaining my awesome services would suffice.  My three Insta-pics were pretty nice and it showed a desk with a circular coffee stain,  some pens, and a cell phone. Is there anything better than this.

As time went by, I realized I was not seeing results.  Now, when you engage yourself in such endeavor, resilience is one characteristic you develop. So I was determined to do something about this. I thought, “do i need to hire a marketing company?”.

I realized it was time for me to get some real and professional marketing support. This service seemed pricey for me at the time.  But then I learned that there are some investments that are worth the effort and I finally gave it a go.

My results

The marketing plan that was placed before me was so inclusive and extensive that I was lost for words.  And all this time I had been thinking that I was doing it right!  The strategy involved not only social media, but fliers, spots, and so many other things.

But then, you want to hear about the results. Let me just tell you that not only this was a good investment, it was the best I had ever made.  After only four months or so, my business had increased by 50%.  That is pretty impressive if you ask me.  Now we are one of the strongest and most reliable financial software and data company.