The simple question to that is that we had no idea what we were going to do.  Now, we all know that there are many businesses out there that start by themselves all of a sudden and with no business coaching.  But trusting in chance and good luck was not what we were willing to bargain for.

So we decide that, if we were going to start the correct way, we were going to get ourselves a coach.

Why a business coach?

These were the main reasons why we decided to hire a business coach before launching our product:

  • The first thing that concerned us was that our software was not a product nobody had done before.  So, in our best of our efforts, we really wanted a product that would do things differently.
  • We needed a solid strategy to not only tap into people’s needs but offer real solutions to those needs.
  • We felt we really needed help to do all the field studies, surveys, etc.
  • Starting strong meant that we needed someone with the necessary expertise. I believe this was one of the strongest reasons, if not the strongest, why we decided to go for an expert.  Our eyes shone with glee at the thought of all the experience we could get from a seasoned business coach.
  • The other important aspect about a business coach that we could not less than value was the connections she could offer.  We were like the new kids in the neighborhood but we really wanted to come in as we already knew how to move around.
  • Probably one of the things that most businesses go on with is debt. We had heard it from businesses before.  Being in debt is definitively not something that we were prepared for and we truly wanted to prevent instead of heal. Of course, we are now aware that there are some days in which it rains a lot and others when there is scorching drought.  The trick is to know how to save during the days of the fat cows so that we do fine during the days of skinny cows.

Benefits of hiring a coach before starting business

We can´t even start thanking our business coach and the savviness in hiring one.  Our start was maybe not as strong as we had wanted.  I point that to the fact that maybe we wanted to go too strong.   Nevertheless, thanks to our coaching, we learned to lean on ourselves and our own strategies to stay afloat.

We did enter the neighborhood with confidence and we learned many things along the way.  Because, you see, in business, you learn a lot from your mistakes too. Oh, and one important thing we learn is to always have a contingency plan.

So, if you are starting a business or plan to launch a product, we could not recommend you more to get the best business help from a professional.  You will definitively see returns on that investment pretty soon.