As you know, when you create an original idea or product, it is important that you register it in the patent office.  We knew this was our next step but we also knew it was going to take some investment.  As a startup, even though this is an expenditure, you must see it as an investment.

You really do not want your idea to sail adrift on the risk of getting lost.  So we started the paperwork to patent our software.  The first thing we realized was that the process required some hard thinking and putting together a lot of things.  It really was a complicated process!  At least that is what it seemed.

Time to turn to a professional

This is when we decided that we needed professional help.  Some of the reasons we decided this were:

  • Saves time.  We actually made a balance between investment of money and time and we judged that this wast the best call.
  • Guarantee of a good job. We needed to be sure that the whole result was going to be what we were expecting.  When it comes to patents, you must look into details.  The office will usually take some time to evaluate your petition and they will probably call you for any missing detail.
  • The best service is a professional one and that is exactly what we needed.

When it came to selecting the firm that will run our service, we went for Nexus Law.  Their service was very professional and efficient.  We felt like our boat, after almost going adrift and hitting the rocks, was now navigating safely.

The amount of time that we saved was also pretty good for us.  Our lawyer came in and gave us some valuable advice on those things that might not seem important but then are in the long run.  Also, he took the job of putting together all the paperwork in place to take it to the office.

What we got

With this whole patent process, we found out that detail is important.  Turning an original draft into a formal draft is definitively the job of a good lawyer.

The collection of papers and organization of them took our lawyer several days.  We had to wait an approximate 15 days to get our response.  No problem was reported at the patents office.  This gives us the idea that our lawyer’s experience in these regards was a positive thing to us.

Our software is now well protected.  We hold the rights to the idea and if somebody wants to make something like it, they will have to ask for the copyright to us.