Hello, my name is Grant Young. I had been following the markets for quite a while when I realised that there wasn’t any fundamental analysis software or data, available for a reasonable price. So with the help of my father (Thanks Dad!), I set out to change that.

What we came up with was Easy Fundamentals. A fundamental analysis program where we provide updated price information every week and updated fundamental information every month. It’s just like having a copy of the latest financial pages on your computer, only better.

We have Just Released Easy Stocks. This is a charting program that provides fundamental information as well. The price information can be updated every day by using data from places like InvestorWeb (which is free!). The fundamental information will be updated every month.

Both programs will be available for free. We will only charge you for the data to run them, (which I feel is very reasonably priced). Take a look around the sight and check it out for yourself!

As time goes on I hope to be able to offer you more from this site. Keep dropping by from time to time.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. It’s time for you to go and have a look at the rest of the site.

Grant Young